Your LA Neighborhood Bar!

Karaoke every Friday and Saturday starting at 9PM!

KARAOKE Etiquette/Tips:

(1) Tipping Etiquette is usually $1 per song.

(2) New Singers are always ahead of other singers.

(3) Make sure you’re ready when your name is called.

(4) Did I mention tipping?!

We’re located at:

5556 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Phone: 323-467-2802
(parking in the rear –
enter from the alley on N. St Andrews Pl.)
Look for this sign in the front:

See local reviews at:


Click here for directions and larger map


  Mike is now the Karaoke Host for both Friday and Saturdays!


  • InternetJukebox
  • Darts
 and of course…
  • Karaoke every Friday and Saturday night, starting at 9pm!



Arrive in Style

Why Hiring A Luxury Car Is Better Than Buying It Outright

There are times when hiring a product is better than buying them. For example if you planning to stay in a city for a few years, it would be better to rent a house rather than incur a long term liability by borrowing home loan and then buying it. In the same light if you are planning to buy a car you should exercise some common sense and then move forward. If the car is required for a specific purpose or for a limited period of time, it would be better to go in for hiring a car rather than buying it outright. This is all the more applicable when you are planning to buy a luxury car or a top end premium car. They are quite expensive and they could cost a few thousand dollars. Running them and maintaining them in good condition is also a big expense and for many it could be an avoidable expense. Hence, before investing your hard earned money you could explore the possibilities of hiring the same because it could be a more sensible option. There are not shortages of exotic car rentals and all that is required is to place to a call to these service providers and the rest will be taken care of by them.

Arrive at a Los Angeles Pub in a Lamborghini
Arrive at a Los Angeles Pub in a Lamborghini


You Would Be Using Them Sparingly

Since these luxury cars are extremely expensive, the owners would always like to maintain them in the best of condition. Even the smallest of scratches could cost a few hundred dollars to repair. The spare parts are also expensive. Given this ground situation many luxury car owners use these white elephants very sparingly and do not take full advantage of it. Given the above situation there is no doubt renting a Lamborghini exotic car could be a great option. It will help them to at least make use of the car once in a while. Otherwise own luxury cars could lie idle in the garages and it would more or less be a dead investment.

Hence when all the above factors are taken into account there is hardly any doubt that going in for luxury car rental would always be a much better choice unless there is a valid reason for buying them outright. Even if you have the money, you should do a proper due diligence and talk it over with experts and then decide as to which is the better option. Hiring is always a better option unless the car is to be a part of our daily life. Just buying them to satisfy personal egos would not be the right way forward. There are however some valid reasons where buying them outright could be a feasible idea especially for business purposes.